Coffee…with a grain of salt

How do you know what's really healthy? Here's my suggestion. We need to keep up with the research, but we also need to look at where the research came from, and how it fits with other things we have good reason to believe are true.


I was with a large group of women this morning, and a lovely young woman told a “funny story” about her experience at Easter.  She said - I had to get the Easter candy while my daughter was there, so I just told her that the Easter Bunny is a boy, and boys never remember... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Passport Protection!

I always took pride in the way I traveled.  I read up on local history and customs before I go, learn at least a few words of the language, and look for opportunities to participate in the real life of the culture.  I’ve taken overnight buses with locals in Spain, and been dropped off by... Continue Reading →

Reasons for Hope

It’s been hard to keep the home in my heart grounded and peaceful when our country is in such turmoil.  Lies are truth, values are upside down. It’s been hard not to fear for our future, as a culture and as a nation. I know that my future rests on God’s deeper reality, not our... Continue Reading →

What makes me Not a Buddhist

There was a time when I thought maybe I was a Buddhist.  I really enjoy what we do at meditation conferences, and those speakers all talk about Buddhism.   We meditate, and let go of suffering – our middle-class, first-world version of “suffering”, anyway.  We spend time awash in compassion - self-compassion, mostly, but also compassion... Continue Reading →

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